Goat Whole


Goat Whole means just what it says, you get a whole goat. Not only can you customize your cuts, but you also gain deep savings when it comes to providing high-quality, locally sourced food for your whole family at economical prices. Contact us for further details about cut customization.

Goat meat from adult goats is called chevon or mutton, while young goats are referred to as cabrito, capretto, or kid. Goat meat continues to gain popularity in America, Northern Europe and Canada in recent years. Ribs, tenderloin andgoat loin are great for quick meals while other cuts are best for slow cooking or braising. Although goat meat is classified as a red meat, it is leaner and contains less fat and cholesterol than both lamb and beef, and less energy than chicken. Use low and slow cooking methods (slow cooking over low heat) to guarantee tenderness and moisture retention in your goat dishes.

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