Cinnamon Soap (Lard Soap)


Our cinnamon soap is made using our pig lard which is high in vitamin D because our pigs are pasture raised.  Lard is known for its moisturizing qualities.  Any other added ingredients are from organic sources.

Every component of our soap nourishes your skin. Our cinnamon soap has:

Lard is used to promotes collagen production resulting in improved elasticity, firms and tones skin. Lard from pasture raised pigs like ours is high in vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acids. 

Organic coconut Oil is added for it's linoleic acid which is known for its anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antiviral qualities. 

Cinnamon essential oil  is used for its hydration qualities.  The scent is relaxing and calming.

In the Pasture
What is Soap Made Of?

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