Pork Sweet Italian Sausage Avg 1lb


Pork Sweet Italian Sausage Avg 1lb is out-of-this-world when it’s made using locally sourced, farm-raised heritage pork. And that’s how we make it here at the Spice of Life Farm! Our loose one pound package of sweet Italian sausage is so versatile and full of flavor. For a quick meal brown it with tomatoes and onions let it cool then fill some bell peppers top with cheese then back until the cheese has browned.

Pork Italian Sausage was first called "lucanica" and dates back to the 5th Century B.C. when it was first described by the Roman historian Marco Terenzio Varrone. It was called lucanica because the Roman soldiers learned how to make it from the Lucanians. The most common varieties are hot, sweet and mild. The primary difference between hot and mild is how many red pepper flakes are included when it's being made.

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